Resum de la ponència sobre el redisseny de l’Espai Quiró a la revista JDP

L’Espai Quiró under construction. The story of a neighborhood project and a related learning activity within the bachelor of design studies

Design pedagogy is increasingly highlighting the role of this discipline as an agent of social transformation, so the idea of students intervening in projects of social interest and in close collaboration with local stakeholders is proposed.

In this regard, our students of design stablished a codesign metodology with the collective of neighbors of l’Espai Quiró, who manage an urban garden and dinamise a program of activities aimed at cohesion of the social fabric of the neighborhood. This article explores how we find solutions toghether to gain visibility among their neighbors and get them involved in the project.

Journal of Dessign Processes 3(1), 36-41.


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Taula rodona “Pràctiques creatives entre art, disseny i mercat”

Després de la ponència “L’aprenentatge del disseny a través del disseny de serious games” del dijous 26 sobre el disseny de jocs, vam tenir un debat molt interessant a la taula rodona sobre “Pràctiques creatives entre art, disseny i mercat” amb Laura Baigorri, Luca Carruba, Mónica Rikic, Ruth García, jo mateix, i l’alumnat de la UB junt amb els altres assistents.

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